Monday, 8 February 2010



Hairdressing Double:

funny WATERFIGHTT.! i starightend my dollz hair. (WHAT A NIGHTMARE!) it took
me like all of the two hours to go it ehh :/ . i mean the only reason why i had to do it is because of the waterfight. godd pheobes :L . na iloveyouu really .


mr hobbis what a name . i mean come on !. ahhaaa adam was cryinn :L piss funny meg with the facess . ME: "alright adam " ..... ADAM: "just fuckk of taylor " :O how offencive .

Art Double:

ELLYMAY! :@ what a twat in all fairness, every body hates her shes like the botton of everybody in the school even the kid tht smells like weewee(piss) is it was a food chain id think shed be like plants NOO in fact lover than that dirt Noo lower than dirt :@ she jusstt reallyy ENNOYS ME! . i could of hitt herr (not even a understatement. ) :L PMSL. my drawings was utterly crap ! but every body said it wass good not ! . it was a double lesson but with 2 diffrent teachers. :/ MISS GLEDHILL! shes like the worst teacher in the school ! . oo speaking of teachers we have this one teacher at our school he looks like the main rat of disney pixars ratatouille film. :L ahhaa . makes me lauff. :D thanks. !

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