Wednesday, 10 February 2010

SCHOOL. (Glee Club). ;)

Dont Stop Beliving

just did glee club (3pm-4pm) every wednesday :D
where doing like a wholr remake . competeing against other
schools and evrythingg :D cann wait! . its blatent tht were going to winn.
dont even dout it :L i hope we get costumes and every thingg i wonderr ??.
were going to havee danceing / Dorncee(as shannon wold say :L ily shann) Miss Tom-
pson would be doing tht (shaunaa) we all call her and the new music teaccher will be doing acting
aswell as miss buttler ! . miss butter manages it all she came up with the idea to do a
remake off it all :D thankkyouuu so much . :D SMILESS.

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