Tuesday, 3 August 2010

As I Sing It Louder I Love How It Sounds ;)

Watched a flim called "the last song" last night , imma' not going to spoil it for youu butt... All i can say is that it makes you think, you think wtf would i actually do if that happens ? , i hate not having creddit ! is an actuall bagg of W**K lol. theres like nothink to do these days, well idk i suppose maybe ive grown up , but then again i can't say that cause some people haven't and there so immature. ohh and you know when you need to tell someone how you feel but you just don't have the guts? well yeaa that's me. (N) not good i just need to tell him !. Grr it dose my head in!. as if one of my best friends wont even come to my birthday i think she has a problem with me, wait i know she has a problem with me. just grow a set of balls you know ! immature little prick ! she really annoys me ! and its a party! who dosn 't wanna go and get pissed in all fairness ! . Cause i do, take a risk, Live a little, live today like its your last cause ya never know do ya ?. that's like really syco'e :L but yeaa ! just being truthfull . GRRR !

Taylor xoxo

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