Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Must Of Been High To Say You And I Wern't Meant To Be And Just Wasting My Time. :)

Atm, life seems to be going greatt :) hopefully the things i have planned in my head work out ! (Y), Going to Irland next month can't wait soooo exited :D. my dad lives over there now ! :) but the thing is yeaa its great to get away but i dont want him to go, Cause i know this time its for reall. I know hes got a new life and every thing, new wife new kids like step but imma miss him so much and these past fuew months its just been me,my sister and him and imma miss him so much, and i just dont want him to go its not fair were his reall daughters ! his blood i dont want him to go i worry about him every day and i wanna tell him but i know that wont stop him ! i want it to so bad ! and its REALLY hard for me. don't get me rong i love to see him and the fam but im just gonna worry about him and not gonna see him that much he says we can fly out any time but... its not that simple the a BIG diffrance between saying and doing !. belive me! is just not fair ! sorry aboout that i just had to get it of my chest !

taylor xoxo

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