Monday, 25 April 2011

and tonights gonna be a good night! ;)

Ahh... Well, my title is lieeing! Back to shhittyyyy school tomorrow! FML! Waaah! This shit iss soo gay. Anyways I feel a rant comming on! So.... Shiity school, its so gay! I so don't wanna go back! But atleast the good thing is roberson rogers has sorted my work experience out! Working with horese! Wich I love and really want to do! I'm thinking about going to hartpury collage when I leave shitty tudor grange! Yayay! I can't wait! Ahahaa well, that was a short rant! Well, infact I wasn't much of a rant! Anyways this summer is going to be amazing! Got amazing people around me so yeah :D I reaally think I need to go camping this year! And I've just arranged it! Yiippppyy! :D buzzz! Peace out

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