Thursday, 9 February 2012

busy busy busy!

Hey guys :) sorry i hvent blogged in while but i've been a busy girl :)i had so much to do with only having 3 months left of school! :s :( i'm scared phaaa! - urrgh my 'a' button keeps on sticking! really irritating! did anybody watch GEORDIE SHORE?????!!!! because i did! ha! best time of my life, team vicky may i add, that Rebecca is so irritating shes like thrush! ha! and Charlotte! can i just say i bloody love you! ha! and the new guy ricci is a good looking lad ;) ha! - SNOW!! has anybody else had snow? ha, ive got my wellies at the ready and my 'eskmo' gear ready because its ment to snow tonight witch means DAY OF SCHOOL!. Speaking of school, i had to have a meeting with offsted!(officers of inspection and lots more) :s scary! and maths! soooo much to do i have an exams on the 2nd of march and the 5th of march :s im so nervous!
ha............. i also have a major love and obsession for harry potter so i had a huge marathon!

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