Thursday, 4 October 2012

welcome to the good life.

so in the last 2/3 weeks i have got a job - mcdonalds..... but hey, it pays more than a waitress in a pub so im not complaining and i can also treat people to nice Christmas presents and clothes and make-up  :) WHOOOO! i have amazing friends and a amazing bestfriend ruby hudson like you know and i'm on a amazing college course - drama. its beeen sooooo fun lately, probably think we just mess around eh? we don't we do do actual work. oh and we are - ruby, shannon, leah, tahalia, wez and logan,oh and me ofc. but its now chilly so imma buy some things not i have a job and do like outfit of the day if i go anywhere and hauls and all that jaaaaazzzzz peace ouuut......................................

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